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Priest Predicts What Might Happen Next Over Allegations of Ruto’s Move To Control Parliament

Mombasa based catholic priest and activist Gabriel Dolan has said that Kenyans maynhave to go to the streets after a local media outlet notified that president Ruto is planning to get full control of parliament.

Through a message he shared on his twitter handle,he said Azimio principal and NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua had earlier predicted that the country might soon foresee a dictatorship.Gabriel Dolan said the move by president Ruto may lead to a compromised parliament that will put all rhe democratic gains at risk.He went ahead to say Kenyans may have to go to the streets to protest the move.

The local media has reported that president Ruto is plotting to win over more members of parliament to his side.The move comes after several independent members of parliament and parties that defected from Azimio after the election joined his wing.This made the Kenya Kwanza coalition to win the majority leadership in parliament.

When Ruto’s mission succeeds,he will have an easier time in parliament to pass several bills that will ensure he easily achieves his agenda.It will also give his coalition the chance to reject or approve changes to the constitution.

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