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Head-To-Head Comparison Between Rashford And Bukayo Saka After Their Game Yesterday At Emirates.

English Premier league leaders Arsenal football club played against Manchester united yesterday at Emirates stadium where they won the game by three goals to two which extended their lead over Manchester City.Therefore we want to conduct a comparison between between Manchester united player Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka.

Both these players are England international footballers and often times play together on international duties but yesterday they locked horns against each other at Emirates stadium.This season Marcus Rashford has more goals than Bukayo Saka since he has ten goals while Bukayo Saka only has eight goals after scoring against Manchester united.

When it comes to assists Bukayo Saka has defeated Manchester united player since he has a total of nine assist for this season alone while Manchester united player Marcus Rashford has only six assists.In terms of clinicality Marcus Rashford has triumphed over Bukayo Saka who is less clinical in front of goals as compared to the Manchester united player.

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