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Ruto Let’s Cat Out Of The Bag Exposing What Raila Exactly Wants Ruto To Do For Him

Ruto has finally reacted to Raila’s expected demonstration for today. Raila will address the people on various issues affecting this country. In fact, he is actually expected to reveal several things related to Ruto’s administration and lies made to Kenyans. However, Ruto said Raila is only hunting for a handshake by causing drama but Ruto will never bow down to his tactic moves.

Ruto said he is not ready to hold such talks with Raila on the table, forcing Raila to use force into seeing if he could join Ruto’s government in anyway. Unfortunately, Ruto is completely unprepared for such talks. This is because of what happened when Raila joined Uhuru’s government which resulted into Ruto’s immediate ouster.

This is one of the worst decisions Uhuru has ever made and Ruto seems to have learned from it. Therefore, he will not allow such things to happen again in his government since it will cause division.

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