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“I Will Briefly Resign as MP On March 20th” Mumias East MP Peter Salasya Explains

The Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has affirmed that on March 20th he will briefly resign as a member of parliament and participate in demonstrations as a normal Kenyan. The member of Parliament has made it known that he doesn’t want anybody to refer him as MP on that day because his agenda will be to engage in Statehouse match protests.

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Peter Salasya is clear that the high cost of living is the reason the Azimio leader is engaging in demonstrations. It’s obvious that the MP is among those who are pushing hard to have president William Ruto removed from power.

President Ruto has has however warned the opposition that they must be careful with where they are going. The president has stood strong urging the opposition to be careful with their threats because they might be playing around with their own lives.

Peter Salasya will therefore resign briefly as a member of parliament so that he can be able to strongly engage the opposition. Whether Raila’s threats against government will succeed, let’s wait and see.

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