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Jubilee Party Releases A Memo To Staff And Its Branches Ahead Of Monday Demos

The Azimio la umoja and the official opposition coalition in kenya will be having protest on monday as declared by Raila Odinga. The day which as been termed as date with destiny was also declared a public holiday by the opposition leader

The announcement of 20th as a public holiday by Odinga as divided kenyans with a number saying the wont go to work. The jubilee party which is afflited to Azimio la Umoja has spoken on the holiday issue.

Via a memo addressing it staff country wide the secretary General Jeremiah Kioni said all it branches will remain closed. He went ahead to say that even the head office in kileleshwa won’t be open too.

Kenyans have expressed fear of chaos and destruction of property with many asking president Ruto to negotitiate with the opposition saying kenya is ours all.

On the other hand the government has assured all kenyans that there things will be safe saying and the police will protect the protesters. However the president said that any attempt to violate the law will be met by maximum enforcement.

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