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Opinion: Ruto Should Give In To Raila’s Demands For The Peace And Prosperity Of The Country

The president, William Ruto has been very clear from when he stepped into power that there will be no handshake for Raila in his regime. However with the recent turn of events I think Ruto might have to reconsider his words.

The demonstrations that have been happening in the country are not as peaceful as they are said or meant to be. A good example been the kisumu demonstrations where Kenyans disrupted peace and led to damage of properties.

Demonstrations are always detrimental to a country irrespective of how they are conducted. I don’t think Businesses will run as usual in Nairobi on Monday, which is meant to be the pick for the demos. This is because of fear that the demos may lead to destruction of property which happens in most scenarios.

The transport industry will also expect some inconveniences. As Raila has announced it as a public holiday, many Kenyans are uncertain of the turn out of events that may transpire on that day and generally normalcy and daily life and economic activities will be disrupted on that day moreso in Nairobi.

The current happenings are also in the global radar and I don’t expect flights and tourists to visit the country in that unrest. Many who had activities and trips planned for that day may have to cancel or reschedule their flights till the state of peace is achieved in the country.

For the overall peace, prosperity and to avoid disruption of the economy of the country Ruto should reconsider and do whatever best suits the country. Be it having a dialogue with Raila to stop the ongoing demonstrations or giving the country light on what should be done to solve the issue and get the country back to normalcy.

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