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Opinion: The President Is Giving Kenyans More Reasons To Hold Mass Demonstrations

The nationwide mass demonstration led by opposition leader Raila Odinga is set to take place on the 20th of this month.With just a few days left until it happens,a section of Kenyans including the president himself feel this move is misleading as it will only do more damage than good.As much as this is true and many wish it does not happen,the president and his government just keep giving Kenyans more and more reasons to demonstrate come that day.The latest and one that will make many go out is the appointment of fifty chief administrative secretaries.This appointments are unnecessary.They are only going to increase the government expenditure.The government claims it does not have money but it is appointing other government officials.If this is not a mockery to Kenyans then I don’t know what will or is.The government seems to be just playing around with Kenyans and giving them reasons to join Raila in the mass demonstration.

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