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“Kesho Hakuna Mkutano Wa Jubilee” Kanini Kega Dismisses Uhuru In Ruto’s Presence; Tells Him To Rest

A day to the planned Jubilee party National Delegates Convention (NDC) that’s set to be held at the Ngong Racecourse following an announcement of the meeting by the former President Uhuru Kenyatta in a notice published in the dailies, Kanini Kega has come out to dismiss the same and send the former Head of a State some piece of advice.

Kanini Kega who is the Secretary General of the Jubilee party faction that’s allied to the Kenya Kwanza administration had joined President William Ruto in a thanksgiving church service in Isiolo county today on May 21st when he made the announcement.

That as the Jubilee party SG, they had not announced any NDC to be held tomorrow and therefore Uhuru’s notice should be ignored by the public.

The EALA MP used that opportunity to also call on the retired Head of State to respect his position, quit active politics and only be there to offer advice to his successor.

On this, he started by saying that “I’ve come here today to prove that we as Jubilee party recognize William Ruto as the President of the Republic of Kenya.

During the election, I was on the other side and we were defeated and it’s good for people to accept it when they’re defeated so that they may prepare for 2027.”

He then added that “as the Jubilee Party Secretary General, I want to assure you Mr. President that we will work with the Government because if you look at a place like here in Isiolo, the Governor, Senator, Women Rep and lots of MPs are Jubilee party members.

But there is no single Jubilee party MCA here. So how would the Governor work without partnering with other people in different parties?”

In conclusion, he said that “I want to urge that when someone completes his term, he takes a rest and we wouldn’t want to see him back in politics.

I say this because your predecessor (Uhuru Kenyatta) seems not to be acting as a retired President.

I believe that the Lord will grant you 10 years as President of Kenya but after those 10 years, we wouldn’t want to see you fighting for the UDA party like how we are seeing the fourth president do in Jubilee.

I want to urge the fourth President to quit active politics and only be there to offer advice to you so that we may move forward as a country.”

He was about to leave the podium when he realized that there was an important announcement to make.

Thereafter, getting back the microphone, he announced that “it’s good for me to make a clarification because I’ve heard some people say that we will be having a Jubilee party NDC tomorrow.

I want to announce as the Jubilee party Secretary General, that there will be no Jubilee party NDC.

We will call for the meeting at the appropriate time but come tomorrow, will not be having a Jubilee party NDC at Rongai.”

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