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” Ruto Has Badly Cornered You, You Have No Escape Route” Manyora Sends Advice to Raila

Political analyst Professor Herman Manyora has affirmed that Raila’s goose is cooked and he has no escape route in future elections. Manyora has affirmed that Ruto has successfully neutralized the Azimio protests and has formulated a strong government that Azimio will never beat.

Here is a link: https, watch from 13 minutes ://

According to Manyora, the move by president William Ruto to start the bipartisan talks has forced Raila to play in his game. He is clear that Azimio supporters are also tired because of inconsistent protests.

Herman Manyora has made it clear that the appointment of General Francis Ogolla as the Chief of Defence as a masterstroke. President Ruto has demonstrated to the Luo community that he is indeed not their enemy as perceived.

According to Professor Hermann Manyora, Nyanza residents are beginning to appreciate Ruto and therefore they have divided loyalty. This moves by Ruto have deflated Azimio especially given the fact that they have not been challenged.

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