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What Isiolo Woman Leader Has Done To MP Mpuri Aburi Forcing Him To Scratch His Head

On 9th August 2022 general elections, Kenyans exercised their democratic right of voting for leaders of their choice, in the presidential seat they voted for William Ruto and former Mathira member of parliament Rigathi Gachagua as the president and deputy president respectively. In Tigania East constituency which is found in Meru county, Mpuri Aburi became the area member of parliament using NOPEU party which by then was in Azimio La Umoja.

Today president William Ruto has been in Isiolo county, he has been accompanied by a host of leaders among them member of parliament Mpuri Aburi.

Mpuri Aburi has said that since Uhuru Kenyatta was elected in 2017 until 2022, he never came to Meru county but William Ruto has visited the county five times and he decided to join him. As Mpuri Aburi speaks, Isiolo woman leader who has been giving people chances to speak has touched Mpuri Aburi probably to remind him that his time is up, this has made the member of Parliament to stop his speech and he started scratching his head, he said that he will be forced to begin his speech again as he restarts.

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