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Governor Sakaja has hired 3000 youths in Nairobi to prepare for the upcoming El Nino rain.

Nairobi County Governor, Honorable Johnson Sakaja, has initiated a disaster preparedness initiative, employing 3000 workers in advance of the upcoming El Nino rain, this demonstrate Kenya Kwanza’s leadership in disaster response and preparedness.

Photo Courtesy showing Youths employed by Nairobi governor with working tools to respond to looming El Nino rain within Nairobi

Ahead of El Nino rain, 3000 youths employed by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja are expected to clear clogged sewage lines and fix broken drainage systems. As seen by viral images, trucks and working tools have also been brought in to help with that effort.

Kenyans on social media have different opinions on President Ruto’s government efforts to ensure the effective functioning of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Below are some of comments from Kenyans through social media :

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