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Kikuyu Council of Elders Breaks Silence, Names Leaders They’ll Reconcile In The Region

The Kiama Kia elders of Kiambu County have taken a proactive stance in the midst of the ongoing conflict between the county governor, Kimani Wamatangi, and the Members of the County Assembly (MCA’s). Known for their wisdom and conflict resolution skills, the elders recognize the detrimental impact this feud has on the county’s development.

With a commitment to fostering progress and improving the lives of the county’s residents, the Kiama Kia elders have decided to mediate in this dispute. They believe that reconciliation between the governor and the MCA’s is not only desirable but essential for the greater good of Kiambu County.

As a first step, the elders have called for a meeting between the conflicting parties, providing a platform for open dialogue. Their intent is to facilitate communication, build understanding, and find a mutually beneficial path forward.

The Kiama Kia elders are optimistic about their ability to mediate effectively and help both sides find common ground. They firmly believe that the leaders of Kiambu County have a responsibility to collaborate and prioritize the well-being of their constituents.

In a rallying call to the county’s residents, the elders encourage support for their mediation efforts. They emphasize the strength of unity within the community and the capacity to overcome challenges collectively, ultimately working toward a brighter future for all.

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