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Southampton Versus Tottenham Hotspur Lineups

The English Premier League continues to excite as matches continue to produce some good results. Yesterday saw Newcastle United beat Nottingham Forest 2-1 to increase pressure on the top four. Tottenham Hotspur today will be looking to maintain their top four status in the league standings when they travel to Southampton. Tottenham Hotspur sit in fourth place one point above fifth placed Newcastle United and two points behind third placed Manchester United. Thet could lip frog Manchester United if they win here today. Antonio Conte’s troops won 3-0 last weekend against Leeds United a game where Harry Kane scored twice.Southampton sit 20th position two points from safety. A win at home against Tottenham Hotspur will lift them out of the relegation zone but it will not be an easy thing to do against Antonio Conte’s side. Southampton will surely hope to pull an upset here today at home.Make sure not to miss this thrilling match.

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VIDEO: Gachagua Makes A Major Announcement To All Kenyans Ahead Of Monday Demonstrations

On Monday, the former prime minister of this country, Hon. Rigathi Gachagua, is expected to organize a large-scale protest against the current president, Dr. William Samoe Ruto, and his administration. These demonstrations will occur in the county of Nairobi, with Raila Odinga and other Azimio leaders at the forefront.

Now, today, the vice president of our country, Rigathi Gachagua, has made a huge announcement to all Kenyans in advance of the rallies on Monday. According to NTV News, the country’s second-in-command has urged Kenyans to disregard Azimio’s call for demonstrations. Instead, Gachagua has instructed Kenyans to go about their regular routines. Gachagua stated that Kenya will continue as usual despite Azimio’s protests.

“DP Gachagua advises Kenyans to disregard requests for a holiday by the Azimio coalition on Monday, urging them to carry on as usual.” According to reports, click to view the Facebook post and observe the video.

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Rigathi Gachagua
William Samoe Ruto

UDA Senator Asks For Permission to Attend Raila’s Mass Protests on Monday

Raila in Nakuru for anti-government rally

With only a day remaining before Raila Odinga together with his Azimio brigade and supporters storm the streets of Nairobi city, the UDA party senator has asked for permission to be allowed to join the protests.

Speaking on Saturday at Kianyaga High School in Gichugu Kirinyaga county, Nyandarua county senator John Methu asked DP Rigathi Gachagua to allow him to accompany Raila for Azimio protests.

The witty senator said his reason for accompanying Raila is so that he can monitor his actions and words during protests. He said they will accept all that will be said by Raila during the protests but will disrupt the rally should Raila disown Gachagua, claiming he is not the Deputy President of Kenya

“Your Excellency DP nakuomba ruhusa hata kama mimi ni wa UDA uniruhusu niende maandamano. Ile yote watasema tutakubali lakini wakisema wewe sio Deputy President mkutano itaishia hapo,” stated Senator John Methu

Starting today on Saturday, Raila Odinga’s Azimio coalition, an opposition group, plans to transverse residential areas in Nairobi to gather supporters for a rally scheduled for March 20.

The rally is intended to be a big demonstration aimed at reclaiming what Odinga believes was a victory taken from him by President William Ruto.

In the last general election on August 9, President William Ruto narrowly defeated Odinga. Azimio supporters have organized pre-rally roadshows throughout the city’s neighborhoods on Saturday and Sunday, with Azimio MPs, MCAs, and grassroots leaders leading the mobilization rallies.

Thousands of supporters are expected to attend the mass action rally on Monday, where Raila has hinted on leading his team to State House to “reclaim their stolen victory”

Already, Ruto has cautioned against violent protests and urged the opposition to collaborate with the authorities to ensure the safety of Kenyans.

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DP Rigathi

Kenyans Told Who Will Be Inside State House To Stop Raila & His Team From Accessing It.

All of this will be done to prevent Azimio protestors from causing huge damage and from reaching the mansion of the head of state.

This is according to reliable information that the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, plans on leading his men to State House following a public assembly at the Jivanjee Gardens.

Top police commanders warned The Star that the Central Business District will be blocked by police officers from the GSU, the Administration Police’s Rapid Deployment Unit, and normal police officers to prevent entry to the city core.

To prevent Raila and his gang from swarming the State House compound, the General Service Unit (GSU) will be stationed outside while security officers from the RECCE division defend the building from the inside.

“The protestors may hold their demonstrations outside the central business district.” There would be no entry to the Central Business District and vicinity of the State House, according to a senior police official who was privy to the information.

Yesterday, the Meru Council of Elders warned Odinga against any attempt to raid the State House, calling the plans a recipe for carnage and an attempt to illegally depose a duly elected head of state.

A day earlier, religious leaders from Thika, led by Bishop David Ngari, nicknamed Gakuyo, issued a similar warning to Mr. Odinga.

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Administration Police
Central Business District
Rapid Deployment Unit
State House

Bold MP Throws Uhuru, Karua & Raila Under The Bus, Dares Uhuru To State His Stake In Mass Action

As the political climate in Kenya remains tense, leaders from different parties continue to call for transparency and accountability in the electoral process. The Naivasha MP Jayne Njeri is one such leader. She has called out to former president Uhuru Kenyatta to clarify his stance on the ongoing protests and demonstrations in the country whose climax will be on Monday 20th.

Jayne Njeri, who comes from Rift Valley, has expressed concerns over the potential for political clashes in the country. Addressing the former president on the podium, he urged him to come out and publicly state whether or not he has any involvement in the protests. She acknowledged that Kenyatta had previously declared Raila Odinga as his leader and president, and therefore urged him to clarify his position on the current events.

Drawing from personal experience, Jayne Njeri reminded the former president of the political clashes that occurred in the Rift Valley, which led to both of them being taken to The International Criminals Court (ICC) in the Hague. He went on to urge Kenyatta to come out and speak to the people, and to make his stance on the protests clear.

In addition to calling out to the former president, the speaker also addressed Martha Karua, a friend and party leader. Karua had previously called for the opening of the server. however, Jayne Njeri has slammed Martha Karua, daring her to tell Kenyans the number of votes that Raila got n her polling station. The speaker urged Karua to reveal this information so that her doubts about the vote count could be addressed.

Jayne Njeri also had a message for Raila Odinga, urging him to give the country peace. He reminded the audience of their time in the 9th parliament, when Raila walked out of the Kibaki government, even though he held a senior position. The speaker questioned what Raila is trying to communicate to the people with his recent actions, and urged him to provide clarity.

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Rift Valley
Uhuru Kenyatta

JUST IN: Raila’s Timely Directive to His Supporters Who May Not Manage to Be in Nairobi For Demos.

Raila is scheduled to hold demonstrations in the capital on March 20. A few days ago, he issued a long list of demands that the government of President William Ruto must meet. He has been touring the nation, urging his supporters to take to the streets in large numbers and force the government to comply.

In his most recent update to his fans, the head of the ODM encourages those who lack the time to hunt devils on the streets to do it on social media.

In a tweet sent by Azimio TV before Raila backed it by retweeting it, Raila encouraged those who may not be able to demonstrate in the capital to hold a social media demonstration by altering their profile images.

Raila aims to conduct simultaneous on-the-ground and online demonstrations.

“If you believe that the Ruto/Gachagua government has failed, change the background of your profile picture to white.”

“Then join the MMD on the ground and online on Monday,” Azimio instructed his supporters.

A portion of his supporters have already begun updating their profile images in accordance with Raila’s directive.

Raila intends to use demonstrations to push Ruto to accept a number of demands, including lowering the cost of living, opening the IEBC servers to determine the winner of the 2022 general election, restoring all the revoked subsidies, and reducing tax rates, among others.

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Azimio TV

BREAKING NEWS:Bad News To Ruto As Intelligence Reports Now Reveals This About Raila’s Demonstrations

Today, the president of this country Dr William Samoe Ruto and his goverment has been handed some bad news. This came in after reports emerged on what the intelligence reports is now saying about Raila Odinga’s monday demonstrations in Nairobi county.

As reported by the NTV News, the intelligence reports received by the security council in Nairobi now says that there are very high chances for violence and chaos. Reports says that this might happen in CBD which will be the epicenter of demonstrations. However, the police commander of Nairobi county has said that they will deploy more than 500 security officers in all corners of Nairobi county.

“However, the security services have reportedly received intelligence warning of a possible outbreak of violence during the protests, with some politicians said to be bankrolling youth to paralyse operations in the capital.The move has caused concern among the business community, which fears the safety of its establishments during the protests,” Said the reports.

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NTV News
William Samoe Ruto

JUST IN: Kenyatta Faces Mounting Pressure to Support or Reject Azimio’s Mass Protests

On Monday, there will be large-scale rallies in Nairobi organized by Raila Odinga, and pressure is growing on former president Uhuru Kenyatta to declare his position. 

This happened after Naivasha MP Jayne Njeri criticized the former president, stating he ought to state his position towards impending protests. 

While stating that Raila Odinga is still his favored choice and presidential contender, Uhuru has reportedly remained silent and has not publicly expressed his position.

Njeri questioned whether Uhuru, who has pledged his devotion to Raila, is behind the protests or not, saying he should clarify his position on the topic. 

“I’d like to speak to Uhuru Kenyatta, our previous president. I’ve never done it before, but I will today. Uhuru is being challenged to come out and let us know if he is not in this maandamano. We understand that he still regards Raila as his leader and president, so we are requesting that you, Uhuru, come forward and engage us in conversation if you have any involvement in these demonstrations “MP Njeri was in conflict.

Because of how sensitive the event is, she said, Kenyans ought to be aware of its sponsors and backers. 

You were taken to the Hagua, and you know I almost flew there with you. It’s time to come out and tell us your official position on these maandamanos,” she continued. “I come from the Rift Valley where we have tested political clashes.

While DP Rigathi Gachagua accompanied her to the school’s alumni day on Saturday, she was giving a speech at Kianyaga Boys High School. 

At a time when Gachagua and Ruto’s team had asserted that cartels were funding Raila’s protests, she made these comments. Gachagua claims that the cartels that had been holding the country’s economic sector captive are retaliating and are funding Raila’s protests in order to obstruct the government from putting an end to subsidies and taxing their businesses in order to defeat them.

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Raila Odinga
Uhuru Kenyatta

Why Moi Went Into Hiding After Jomo Kenyatta’s Death

Upon the passing of Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta in August 1978, Attorney General Charles Njonjo called Inspector Simmone Wambugu, the Duty Officer of the Police Headquarters’ Operations Room in Vigilance House.

Njonjo gave him instructions to convene a Cabinet meeting in Nairobi’s State House at 11 of the clock in the morning.

They immediately got in touch with Daniel Moi, who was the vice president at the time and was headquartered in Kabarak.

Even though he could not reach him personally, he provided the bodyguard who answered the phone clear instructions concerning Kenyatta’s passing and the Cabinet meeting.

Apart for Moi, every minister had arrived by 10:45 a.m.

The ministers attempted to elect one of their own to preside over the conference since they were getting impatient, but Njonjo objected.

To make sure he had spoken to Moi, Njonjo phoned the inspector.

Together with the rest of the Cabinet, the Vice President was scheduled to be present, but he was absent. Through the receiver, Njonjo’s boisterous voice could be heard booming.

The Police Aviation Wing Commander, ACP Mathenge, was then urgently asked by Wambugu to “please take off, Sir.” I will try to find the Vice President and direct you there while you proceed to Baringo.

A helicopter was dispatched in Mathenge’s direction not long after his Cessna took flight.

Moreover, Wambugu alerted the Baringo OCPD, who went to Moi’s house only to find out that he had just left in a large group of vehicles.

Wambugu later discovered through his colleagues that Moi had been informed of Kenyatta’s passing and the upcoming Cabinet meeting.

The vice president had no confidence in Kenyatta’s friends and believed they would resort to murder if necessary to prevent him from winning the presidency.

The two aircraft that were supposed to carry Moi to Nairobi were used in a rescue effort when the OCPD launched a ground search operation.

They observed the caravan in the distance, concealed by the bushes, and the individuals ascending the valley.

In order for Mathenge to assume command of the helicopter and lead the way across the valleys, the pilots made a calculated landing.

Moi was persuaded by Mathenge to board the aircraft, after which he made a call to Wambugu at Vigilance House.

After learning that Moi had taken off, Njonjo gave the pilot strong orders to turn directly for State House rather than Wilson Airport.

Similar to Parliament, State House is a restricted area that requires prior authorization.

Wambugu informed the control towers at Wilson Airport, Eastleigh Airbase, and JKIA that a plane was due to land.

Moi was sworn in as acting president shortly after arriving in the afternoon by Chief Justice Sir James Wicks.

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UDA Leaders Dares Former President Uhuru Kenyatta To Declare His Stand On Azimio Demonstrations

Few days ago former prime minister Raila Odinga declared 20th March 2023 a holiday where he will lead National demonstrations across the country against president William Ruto government. He has claimed that William Ruto stole his victory and they are unable to run the country well.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta declared that he is after Raila Odinga some weeks ago which raised mixed reactions. He said that Raila Odinga is still his party leader and he is therefore ready to follow his directives.

As the demonstrations are planned to start on Monday UDA Leaders led by Naivasha member of parliament Jayne Njeri has come out addressing Uhuru Kenyatta. She said they want to dare the former head of state to declare his stand on Azimio la Umoja coalition demonstrations since he is either against or supporting them and he can’t be in between.

They reminded the former head of state how he was taken to Hague and what he went through there. According to you, do you think Uhuru Kenyatta should declare his stand as early as now?

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Raila Odinga
Uhuru Kenyatta
William Ruto